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Consider me your brand polisher!

I help small business owners elevate your everyday image + communicate your best self -- and that of your business -- with a welcome impression.


Why not be intentionally thoughtful in our daily interactions, sprinkled with a little surprise + delight?

Here you'll find a Southern-born marketer's take on all things positive communication... verbal, non-verbal, digital, face-to-face, and with a dash of self-care (because we all know you can't pour from an empty cup).

When you're considerate of others by showing up as the best you, your confidence will increase. You'll learn to radiate presence. Your influence + impact will be greater.

True hospitality is all about serving others. Let's elevate our people skills both online and in-person -- because relationships matter.

Let's communicate to connect to serve.

At home, in your business, throughout the day-to-day.


Brand Management

Your brand is an experience. Your community's perception of you. Your online DNA, your voice, your appeal. Ready to share the gift of you? Mindy Rodenburg guides you through the important steps to manage your brand.

Social Media Strategy

Focus on what you do best by allowing us to do what we do best! Managed services for the busy professional who understands the importance of an active online presence.


A company's most valuable asset is its employees. Are you investing in yours? Half-day or full day onsite education for your team discovering how to incorporate social media within your organization.


Is your need to know increasing by the day? Mindy Rodenburg will bring you current and enable you to understand the why + how behind digital branding. Nothing on the internet changes faster than Social Media! Time for a coach who runs the race to bring you up to speed.


Mindy Rodenburg shares social from beginner to advanced topics in a relatable session for your conference attendees. Ready to connect with your ideal clients? Mindy engages your audience as she teaches you to shine online. 

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"Thumbs up to Mindy Rodenburg’s training style." Mindy will engage your audience, small to large, when delivering training and strategy options for Social Media.

Remote Services

No matter where in the world your business is located, Mindy Rodenburg provides online training. Remote training sessions begin with a conversation about your priorities + objectives. After our time together, expect to feel confident + capable with your social media marketing.

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Excellent presentation. Could have listened to her for another hour!"

"Loved this session -- Mindy was great! Drove home point that while numbers are good, engagement is key. Also greatly appreciated the tips + tricks she gave us to build our social media presence."

"Mindy's style was pleasant and entertaining. She stayed on track while being flexible. I learned things I can immediately put into action."

"Great presenter - very interactive. I really liked the way she did Q+A almost the whole time which really targeted the topics of interest of the audience while also hitting her content goals."

“A dose of hospitality elevates the connection people are made for.”

—Mindy Rodenburg


Manners open doors closed to those without them.

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"Storytelling enables a brand to become relatable."
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